Dr. Denise Chavalier

Technology executive with experience in high-performance organizations, products and services.


PhD. Education
Capella University - 2011

Educational Counseling
St. Thomas University - 2010

M. Ed. School Administration Leadership
Lamar University - 2009

PACT - Certification for Teachers
LeTourneau University - 2006

MS Leadership for Higher Education
Capella University - 2004

BBA Management
University of Houston-Downtown - 2003

University of Mississippi - 2000



Counseling Certification Texas 2011-17
Tennessee Administrator Certification Tennessee 2010-15
English Language Arts Teaching Certification (7-12) Tennessee 2010-15
English Language Arts Teaching Certification (6-12) Mississippi 2010-15
Non-Practicing Administrator Certification Mississippi 2010-15
Principal Certification Texas 2009-17
ILD & PDAS Certification Region IV, TX 2009
Web Instructor Certification Texas Virtual School, TX 2008
Adjunct Instructor Certification Lonestar College, TX 2008
Designing and Teaching Online Certificate Program Concord  Consortium, MA 2007
English Language Arts Teaching Certification (8-12) Texas 2005-17


Administrative and Leadership Experience


Assistant Principal; Houston Can! Academy –Hobby (Charter School)
Houston, TX 2009-2011

  • Work as an active member of the SBDM committee.
  • Evaluate transcripts and formulate student graduation plans.
  • Work as the campus and district testing coordinator.
  • Adhere to and enforce corporate policy, school guidelines, administrative directives, and district standards.
  • Assist in the development and administration of policies dealing with discipline, conduct, and attendance.
  • Maintain high visibility in the school and ensure an effective and safe school environment.
  • Implement emergency drills policies and procedures.
  • Assist in the selection, mentoring, supervision and evaluation of certified and paraprofessional as assigned.
  • Supervise events.
  • Manage the building and grounds, furniture, equipment, apparatus, books, and supplies.
  • Participate in and lead curriculum development activities commensurate with school and district goals
  • Identifies curricular and extra-curricular needs by analyzing current programs and student achievement
  • Utilizing the results of the student assessment data- identify problems and implement improvements.
  • Audit student files and transcripts and create student schedules.
  • Attend all ARDS as the district representative.
  • Systematically assess and monitor student progress using objective and verifiable information.
  • Provides meaningful information to parents and others regarding student progress.
  • Maintains and facilitates policies and practices for grading, reporting, and promoting.
  • Models and facilitates good human relations skills; effectively interacts with all stakeholders.
  • Communicates high expectations for both staff and students and provide motivation to reach expectations.
  • Implements a discipline code that is fair and promotes orderliness and student learning.
  • Conduct meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.
  • Utilize the PDAS personnel evaluation program.
  • Serve as the computer liaison for the school’s grading and attendance.
  • Identify problem areas and seek solutions before crisis situations develop.


Administrative Intern; Westfield High School

Houston, TX 2008-2009                              

  • Act as a facilitator when working to build relationships and collaboration among faculty.
  • Work with the Adults Relating to Kids “ARK” program
  • Establish partnerships with parents, staff and administrators while acting as a chaperone.
  • Assist in the preparation process as well as the facilitation of the practice TAKS and the PSAT. 
  • Ensured that conduct and integrity was maintained in the administration of TAKS.
  • Attend weekly AYP meetings and assist in the creation of accountability measures (using data).
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of a straight A ceremony that celebrates the students.
  • Use effective strategies in assisting a new teacher and acting as her campus mentor.
  • Using formative assessment scores assist teachers with needs to properly addressing student needs.
  • Conduct Bi-weekly meetings with the campus ELA 10th grade AYP team.
  • Work with a committee to analyze and problem-solve through student attendance appeals.
  • Manage the teachers tutorial duties in preparation for the TAKS test & the goals set forth within the district.
  • Ensure the safety of our students and staff by distributing student id’s.
  • Making sure that students are off campus after school and addressing any emergencies.
  • Applying district policies in regards to student discipline referrals.
  • Establish safety procedures and present them to the staff.

Director of Financial Aid; Westwood Aviation Institute

Houston, TX 2004-2005

  • Participate as a contributive member of the management staff.
  • Plan, manage and evaluate programs, personnel, and budget for the financial aid office.
  • Provide fiscal accountability in cooperation with student finances for all funds received & disbursed.
  • Ensure appropriate audit procedures are observed and maintained.
  • Calculate and refund Title IV drop calculations.
  • Maintain a commitment to excellent student-centered service.
  • Prepare reports for multiple agencies, audits and program reviews.
  • Responsible for all VA compliance and paperwork.


Teaching Experience

Adjunct Instructor; University of St. Thomas

Houston, TX, 2012-present

  • Teaches graduate education courses to educators.
  • Utilizes online resources (Blackboard) to teach hybrid course.
  • Submits timely required college reports and forms.
  • Develops and utilizes a course syllabus for each course, following established institutional guidelines.
  • Advises students in academic matters.
  • Provides timely, access to students through electronic communication and other appropriate methods.
  • Evaluates students by a variety of means to measure their progress in achieving course objectives
  • Participates in professional development activities, as offered and/or needed.
  • Maintains professional relationships with students, colleagues and the community.  


Certified Adjunct Instructor; LoneStar College: Kingwood

Kingwood, TX, 2006-present

  • Teaches Developmental Reading and Writing courses at a variety of times.
  • Incorporate online resources for students via Angel
  • Submits timely required college reports and forms.
  • Develops and utilizes a course syllabus for each course, following established institutional guidelines.
  • Advises students in academic matters.
  • Provides timely, access to students through electronic communication and other appropriate methods.
  • Evaluates students by a variety of means to measure their progress in achieving course objectives
  • Participate in professional development activities, as offered and/or needed.
  • Maintains professional relationships with students, colleagues and the community.  


English Teacher; Westfield High School

Spring, TX, 2006- 2009

  • Deliver exceptional standards-based instruction in English that ensures academic growth for ALL students
  • Coordinate ceremony to celebrate students with excellent academic achievements.
  • Master the necessary content knowledge and skills to successfully teach students.
  • Develop lesson plans that are thoughtful, goal-oriented and aligned with curriculum.
  • Develop positive appropriate relationships with students, including explicit recognition of their growth.
  • Consistently implement the school-wide student management policies.
  • Regularly assess student mastery of concepts and use data to differentiate instruction.
  • Maintain accurate, thorough records of student achievement and behavioral performance.
  • Communicate regularly with parents and be available events involving parents
  • Grow as a professional educator with classes/workshops for professional development


English Teacher; Cleveland High School

Cleveland, TX; 2005-2006

Plan and implement instructional activities that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged.

  • Modify instructional resources to meet the needs of students with varying learning styles and special needs.
  • Assess student curricular needs and make adjustments to address those needs.
  • Provide an environment in which students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process
  • Communicate effectively with students, parents, and other educators.
  • Model professional and ethical standards when dealing with students, parents, staff and the community.


Virtual Instruction Experience

Online Tutor; Brainfuse

New York, NY; 2011

  • Provide tutorial guidance to individuals via virtual instruction.
  • Interpret the requirements of assignments.
  • Ensure students are provided with appropriate guidance.
  • Analyze the needs of students.
  • Document the services provided and the needs of the students.


Composition Instructor; University of Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ; 2010-2011

  • Taught material from approved curriculum in accordance with assigned course schedule.
  • Motivate students to actively participate in all aspects of the educational process, including but not limited to threaded class discussions, outside assignments/projects, research, enrichment activities, etc.
  • Maintain online communication with students in online discussions, to assist them in achieving completion objectives.
  • Respond in a clear and well-expressed manner to student questions.
  • Provide regular, accurate, and timely student-specific assistance, feedback and support in regards to their performance.
  • Keep archives of student work and correspondence (if necessary), while maintaining and reporting student participation, evaluations and grades as appropriate.
  • Communicate with students and staff by email and telephone as needed.
  • Openly communicating with staff regarding course and student-related problems and concerns.
  • Ensure that I am knowledgeable about the job requirements by reading, and abiding by the online instructor’s manual.


Student Service Experience

Testing Proctor; The Princeton Review

Houston, TX; 2011-present

  • Administer all TPR Test Types (ACT, DAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT - all subject areas, OAT, and SAT).
  • Meticulously time students during the administration of tests.
  • Ensure students follow the rules and give appropriate time warnings when necessary.
  • Collect, organize and return all test materials to local offices within 24 hours of test administration.


Kingwood College; Financial Aid Advisor

Kingwood, TX; 2004-2005

  • Encouraged and motivated students to continue their education after high school.
  • Served as a first generation grant employee, traveling between three local rural high schools.
  • Collaborated with high school counselors and administrators to conduct informational sessions and programs.
  • Coordinated student interactions with colleges and universities.
  • Assisted students with academic counseling.
  • Helped with registration at Kingwood College.


Universal Technical Institute; Financial Aid Advisor

Houston, TX; 2001-2003

  • Promoted from Future Financial Aid Advisor.
  • Trained new financial aid advisors.
  • Coordinated employee newsletter.
  • Mentored new employees for the professional environment.
  • Created ways to motivate the employees and students through different motivational programs.
  • Assisted in the coordination of new team assignments that coincided with changes within the company and the department.


Education America; Administrative Assistant

Houston, TX; 2000-2001

  • Performed duties essential to the smooth operation of the office, including tasks required for correspondence, purchasing, and department budgeting.
  • Conducted human resource activities including benefits, personnel files and payroll.
  • Executed the payment of expense reports.
  • Assisted in strategic planning for up and coming necessary changes.


University of Mississippi; Student Union Office Assistant

University, MS; 1998-2000

  • Performed multiple office duties to assist in the continuous operation of the student union’s Director’s office.
  • Calculated and prepared the union budget for the director of the union and higher university management.
  • Printed and Processed purchase orders/requisitions.
  • Processed travel authorizations.
  • Assisted visitors with campus directions and information.


University of Mississippi; Student Programming Board; Director of Diversity

University, MS; 1998- 2000

  • Created and programmed new and innovative student activities to entertain the diverse ~ 13,000 student body; with a budget of $600,000.
  • Advertised via television, newspaper, flyers, and other creative ways to inform the students and community about new and upcoming programs.
  • Recruited, interviewed, and supervised committee members.


University of Mississippi; Ambassador and Football Rebel Recruiter

University, MS; 1997-2000

  • Represented the college for different executive functions.
  • Gave tours of the university while answering student and parent questions.
  • Maintained contact with students after their visit


 Professional Development

Confidentiality Houston Can! Academy Sept. 2010
District Testing Coordinator Texans Can Jun. 2010
PCPALS Houston Can! Academy Jan. 2010
TELPAS Region IV Jan. 2010
Testing Coordinator–Charter Schools Region IV Dec. 2009
District Testing Coordinator Region IV Oct. 2009
ADM Training Westfield High School Sept. 2006
Education Foundation Grant Writing Spring ISD Sept. 2006
Secondary Teachers Mentors Westfield High School Aug. 2008
Examview Test Generator Westfield High School Feb. 2007
SBEC Standards - Foundations/Dell Spring ISD Mar. 2006
Parent Link Westfield High School Jan. 2007
Performance Matters Westfield High School Sept. 2008
Portfolios Westfield High School Mar. 2008
Smartboard Westfield High School Oct. 2008
United Streaming Westfield High School Jan. 2008


  • AASA- - American Association of School Administrators
  • AAUW- American Association of University Women
  • ASCD- Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Phi Delta Kappa- Texas Notary



  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
  • Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary